About us

Bullion Diamond Co provides a personalised, made-to-order service, ensuring that nothing is mass-produced. Our offerings include both in-person and virtual consultations to accommodate our international clientele. 

With a cumulative experience spanning over a century, BDC boasts a treasure trove of expertise. Access to a vast array of lab-grown and natural diamonds, numbering over 800,000, empowers us to extend wholesale pricing to the general public. Collaborating closely with master goldsmiths, we orchestrate the creation of bespoke, superior-quality jewellery. Every piece is meticulously handcrafted within our on-site workshop nestled in Western Australia.

As a family-owned and operated enterprise, we take profound pride in every creation, irrespective of its magnitude. We derive immense satisfaction from participating in your momentous occasions and approach each patron as an extension of our own family.

Our mission revolves around amplifying the significance of special moments. This holds true whether you're based in Australia or belong to our global community. We achieve this by delivering exceptional value for your investment, either by granting you more than you expected or by offering what you desire at unparalleled market rates.

Educating our clients about diamonds stands as a cornerstone of our ethos. As bespoke, custom jewellers, we firmly uphold the principle of quality trumping quantity. Our diamond education isn't solely captivating but also enlightening. We firmly believe that clients deserve insights into their purchases, transcending the marketing narratives set forth by larger corporations. Presently, a staggering 85% of consumers acquire engagement rings without a clear understanding of their composition, future value, or maintenance requisites.

BDC operates as a direct-to-public wholesaler of ethically sourced diamonds. Teamed with the most skilled goldsmiths in Western Australia, we offer a realm of completely personalised, high-quality diamond jewellery, unwavering in its excellence. Our dedication to sourcing the finest diamonds at the most competitive prices, exclusively for wholesale, remains our guiding light. By redefining the norms of the diamond industry, one gem at a time, we eliminate intermediaries and exorbitant mark-ups. Our guiding principle remains "People First," as inflation has already made its impact felt. 

BDC is a fierce competitor on both price and quality, so if you're in search of a special piece, you've come to the right place!